GYM Fitness Team



Atlanta’s own, Rod A. Calloway is internationally renowned as Atlanta's #1 Certified Professional Personal Fitness Trainer. Carrying the title quite well, Rod has a broad range of clientele from Okinawa, Japan to the Peachy state itself. Although Rod possesses a passion for what he does, this successful entrepreneur has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge on his side as well.
As a former Sergeant in the US Marine Corp, Rod was responsible for the training of more than 500 Marines. Through his instruction, Marines were conditioned to pass various vigorous Physical Fitness Tests. Often these tests included timed push ups, sit ups, long distant running, and excruciating obstacle courses. Nevertheless, Rod taught his fellow Marines how to be disciplined in not only behaviors, but also adhering to an essential nutrition regime in efforts of achieving both individual and collective goals. Additionally, Rod emphasized the importance of living a health-conscious lifestyle, and needless to say, this same disciplinarian method of training has aided his clients’ in their transformation into healthy, stable, and productive individuals.
Rod ‘s techniques aren’t in comparison to any other, in lieu of the fact that he caters to each individual’s need. He incorporates a genre of conditioning styles. These areas consist of cardiovascular, kettle bell training, Pilates, ply-o-metrics, strength training and weight lifting to name only a few. In conjunction with strengthening, Rod focuses on targeting one’s nutritional maintenance. Truly his sessions are not repetitious, but unique indeed.
A natural body-building competitor himself, Rod has a plethora of knowledge in strength training. He prides the development of the body into a healthier state, which inspired him to offer more structural one-on-one personalized training sessions. During these invigorating meetings, Rod motivates like no other! He has established a reputation as a self-motivator, and continues to encourage his clients and staff to have a "YES I CAN" attitude.
Because Rod believes that meeting the needs of every age and level is imperative, he provides services to corporate accounts, children, the elderly, physically challenged, and also makes his service mobile. While many place barriers on themselves involving exercise, Rod says, “I’m the trainer to remove barriers.”



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